Black August Grant Program

Black August is a month dedicated to paying homage to fallen Black revolutionaries, incarcerated freedom fighters, and Black resistance, historical and ongoing. It celebrates the history of resistance in the U.S. not as an isolated moment during the Black Power revolution but as a thread connected to the rebellions of enslaved Black people in the Americas.

How does the grant work?

Movement Labs (formerly known as Resistance Labs) will honor Black Revolutionaries and Movement leaders by:

SMS/MMS Support

Granting 100,000 texts ($10,000 in value) to help up to 10 Black-led organizations boost their work in building power and driving progressive change in marginalized communities by identifying 1,000s of new supporters to move to action in Black August and beyond.

Social Media/Newsletter Promo

As an added form of digital exposure, each grantee will be featured on our social media platforms and in our department newsletter, which is distributed to hundreds of contacts.

Strategic Data Analysis

One-on-one consultation with our experts about SMS strategy, best practices, program/data evaluation, SMS & field integration, and more.

Strategic Trainings

During the Black August grant cycle, there will be curated training opportunities led by industry professionals to target the needs of each grantee specifically.
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Who is Movement Labs?

Movement labs was started as an incubator to use SMS/MMS to turn folks out to be a part of the resistance to Trump. We've expanded to working with Movement c3/c4 organizations to do turnout for events, direct service opportunities, elections, and other various types of communication.
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The Black August Grant Program has helped to elevate Black-led organizations over the past couple of years. Take a look at what our previous grantees have to say:
Picture of Yindra Dixon, Executive Director of MPower360

Yindra Dixon

Executive Director
"Amazing! I love that we have this data and can start engaging folks today! And it wouldn't have been possible without this grant. I'm so grateful to your team and Movement Labs. "
Picture of Ruby Powell-Dennis, Executive Director & Founder of Elect Black Women PAC

Ruby Powell-Dennis

Elect Black Women PAC
Founder & Executive Director
"Working with Movement Labs since Summer 2021 to reach Black women voters had been a vital part of our efforts to ensure high levels of civic engagement across our communities."

Miracle Jones

Director of Legislative Outreach
“Thank you all for the work you’ve done it’s been a necessary blessing…this grant gave us some room to breath”
Picture of Dawn Harrington, Executive Director of Free Hearts Organization

Dawn Harrington

Free Hearts Organization
Executive Director
“Texting helped us to end shackling of pregnant incarcerated people in TN. We had been working on this for 4 years and texting was invaluable to help us to get it over the finish line.”

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This grant has been going on for many years now. Take a look at what some of our partners are saying about our hard work.
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