Black Led Organizing

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Why We Exist

The Black-Led Orgs department was created to enhance the accessibility of scaled, effective, and quantifiable innovative organizing strategies for Black-Led organizations actively engaged in grassroots efforts. This is accomplished through grants, strategic consulting services, and turnkey digital organizing support.


We enhance your current efforts by providing additional capacity to amplify your work tenfold. Our support extends beyond SMS and digital tools, as we offer expertise in organizing, training, data analysis, web design, and more, through our experienced staff members.

Expert Guidance

We’ve run hundreds of campaigns at every level and sent millions of texts—we know how to integrate your texting program with the rest of your campaign plan, in field, comms, and finance. We use our experience and messaging research to help us craft winning scripts.


We work to lower the barriers to access quality and culturally relevant SMS and / or digital support campaigns. Depending on budget, we offer grassroots Black led organizations access to these types of base building and mobilization tools at a discounted rate from a place of reparations and equity and to serve those on the frontlines.

Strategic Analysis

We work closely with our data and analysis team to provide strategic evaluations of the data to help organizations make meaning and apply the results to their ongoing movements and work.

Grants & Initiatives

We are aware that those who are most directly affected are often at the forefront, leading grassroots organizations, and facing limited funding, particularly those operating outside of battleground states. We also understand that many grassroots organizers are battling burnout as they strive to recruit more individuals into their movement. With a focus on equity and supporting those on the frontlines, we have established grants and other ad hoc initiatives to provide assistance to the organizers who are leading the charge for progress.


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Black History Month is the one month of the year nationally recognized to celebrate and honor Black lives, history, and legacy from the past, present, and future.